Ex Fabula was born in October 2009 when the 5 founders – Adam Weise, Amy Schleicher, Leah Delaney, Matt Sabljak, and Megan McGee – met for lunch at Maharaja Restaurant and discussed starting a storytelling series in Milwaukee. We agreed that true, personal stories have a unique power to create connections between individuals, and we hoped to magnify that power through live events to provide meaningful local experiences. The fledgling organization was christened “Ex Fabula” – from the Latin for “from stories.”

I will be performing at the "Nitty Gritty" themed EX FABULA Season 6 All Stars Wednesday May 13th 2015!!

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Artistry has its awards: The Independent Music Awards. The awards program for independent bands & fans

The Independent Music Awards is a prestigious international program that gets top-ranked independent artists & releases the recognition they need to reach millions of fans worldwide.

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